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Industrial Motion Control

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Industrial Motion Control

Industrial Motion Control


Torpey Denver Inc is a leader distributor of Industrial Motion Control Products. We distribute many types of Industrial Products such as, motors, servo drives, linear actuators, clutches and brakes, gearboxes, ball screws, sensors, tension control, G3 HMI, Graphite HMI, Counters Panel Meters, and Rate Panel Meters.We carry top named manufactures in the Industrial field such as, ABB, Baldor, MachIII, Boston Gear, Red Lion Controls, Magpowr, Formsprag, Warner Electric, Wichita Clutch, Inertia Dynamics, Danaher Motion, Superior Electric, Thomson Linear, Micron, Fife, Tidland, N-Tron, Sixnet and Maxcess.

Authorized Distributor of Red lion Controls

Products: Graphite HMI, G3 HMI, Kadet HMI, ProducTVity Station, DSPZR, Data Station Plus, Large Graphic Displays, Digital Panel Meters, Counter Panel Meters, Rate Panel Meters, Timer Panel Meters, Miniature Displays, CUB5 Analog Panel Meters, Power Monitor, Industrial Cellular, Industrial Ethernet, RTUs and I/O Modules, Modular Controllers, PID Controllers, Data Acquisition, Signal Conditioning, Communication Modules.

We have programmers standing by to help support you on programming the Graphite HMI, G3 HMI and any Panel Meter for you application. We can also assist you finding the right Red lion Controls Product to Fit you application. Please call or email us to get you application solution!!

Authorized Distributor of Wichita Clutch

Wichita Clutch Logo

Products: Low Inertia Air Tube Disc Clutch and Brakes, CCB Series Clutch/Brake, Ball Mill Clutches, Coupling Clutches, Power Take-Off Clutches, Kooper Kool Clutches and Brakes, AquaMakks Brakes, Mistral Air Cooled Tension Brakes, and Modevo Air Cooled Tension Brakes

Wichita Clutch has been providing clutches and brakes to may different industries for many years. Many of these Industries require clutches and bakes that are reliable and can withstand harsh environments that comes with them. In the metal industry Wichita clutch has been providing this industry with there units for over 40 years and counting.In the energy industry it is required to be able to control the acceleration and deceleration  of heavy duty drive systems, and this where you will find Wichita Clutch units.

Autherized Distributor of Magpowr


Products: Tension and Torque Controls, Load Cells & Tension Readouts, Pneumatic Brakes, Magnetic Particle Clutches and Brakes, Permanent Magnet Clutches and Brakes,

With Industrial Motion Control is what you need when dealing with Web Guiding systems, you need everything from a tension controler, to a clutch and brake to control the web and it very important that they preform correctly and proscise. This is what Magpowr offers your operation, with smart technology like the Cygnus Tension control that will adjust the tension when it gets to tight or when it gets to loose. You set the controller to the tension you require and as the roll gets larger it adjusts to make correct tension you are looking for.

TorpeyDenver can assist you On site Installation, Troubleshooting, and Application design, and Application Parts.

We provide Sales, Service, Application Assistance, On Site Installation Support, On Site Repair, On Site Start Up.

 We also have engineers standing by to help any business in repair of machines or building new machines for there factories..

Torpey Denver Inc. was founded in 1983 by Terry Torpey and is headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado.

Please Call Us today for of your Industrial Motion Control Solutions.